Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whose Glasses Are You Wearing?

When I was in high school we would sometimes try on our friends glasses and thought we looked great!  The friends with glasses would rather not wear them and could not understand our desire to wear them! The desire died quickly for the friend who did not need glasses, because everything was blurry and they could not focus. For those who needed glasses to see, their eyes were unable to focus without them.

Focus is an important aspect of the life of a Christian leader. Just like my friends who tried on the glasses of others and their eyesight was not focused, this is the same for leaders. If we try to carry out our Christian leadership in a role that fits someone else, eventually problems will surface. This does not mean that we cannot learn from one another, only that the leader and the learner must realize that God created each one of us differently.

I made the decision a year ago, that I was no longer willing to walk in the role of another. When I did this and began to focus on what God called ME to focus on, I stepped into and on the path God desired me to be on! As I write this I am reminded of the Indy car racers.  A car gets behind another in the race and stays in a specific spot. This is called drafting. Once the car is in this spot it will use less fuel. The car will literally glide around the track in this position.

In the next 28 days my desire is to stay in the draft position, right behind God following him in the direction he desires me to go. In fact today is the first day and I feel a freedom that I am doing exactly what I am to be doing. For now, I decided I will keep on my own glasses, because the focus is one of clarity. How about you? Whose glasses are you wearing?

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Anonymous said...

Jesus said My yoke is easy and my burden is light. "Drafting" with Him is where we should be. If our yoke is hard and our burden is heavy we need to get in behind Jesus

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