Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simple Day. Walking In the Snow

 Today was my day off. Set out for the store for a bit of shopping. Due to all the snow, walked on the sidewalks, the street, short cut across a large snow covered lawn, down the hill, up the hill, across a parking lot where there is no place for a pedestrian to safely walk, to the store and back!

Thank you neighborhood, all areas were shoveled. Still difficult to believe, yes this is my life. Turned in my heels for hiking boots, but the day will come and I will be saying good-bye to all of this, turning my hiking boots back in for my heels and a mic.

Is God asking you to trade something in to follow him? Only each one of us knows the answer to this question. Are you courageous and brave enough to say, "Lord, here I am send me!"

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