Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Desks Around the World

My desk in my hotel in Tanzania. My view was of the daily market and it's hustle and bustle. Seemed so unreal.

Late today my focus and thoughts wandered to the many locations where I sat at my desk and prepared to teach, lead a seminar, write for a publication, or carried out numerous technology tasks. I've sat at desks in three countries, in many different homes in the U.S., libraries and anywhere else that God provided a corner for me to work. This week all of this wandering seems to be catching up with me. Probably because I am tired and it will be a couple of weeks before I can take a few days off. 

As leaders it does not take long to be aware that when God blesses, with the blessing usually comes more responsibility. It is in this place we must remember that God will gives us what is needed, when we need it, not before and not to late.

My question for leaders today- Are we relying on God to give us the strength we need to carry out his call or are we trying to carry it out in our own strength? Striving on our own, brings weariness.

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