Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nancy's Recent Story, From The Corporate World to Near Homelessness

There are times in life that the desert seems to surround us on all sides. There are months at a time that my life seems to be one big desert and wasteland. Yet, in the midst of it all I continue to grow closer to Christ and understand more and more each day who this God is that I serve. 

Transparency can be a difficult task to carry out when the pain is deep and continues to be ongoing and does not let up. Especially, when we share and there are people who will speak words to us, believing they are from the Lord and on the inside they are ripping our hearts to shreds. But God continues to show me it is still my responsibility to share things in my life that will encourage others.

Below is a podcast of my story that I shared on a recent talk radio program called Jewel and Gem. This is the first show for Jewel and Gem, so there is a bit of technical difficulties, but once it gets going, the audio is clear.

Join me and hear my story on; Overcoming Discouragement, From the Corporate World to Near Homelessness.

Listen to; The podcast dated Feb. 8, 2011, Click on the title below.
Nancy J.'s Overcoming Discouragement, In Near Homelessness

As always, serving with you,
Nancy J. 

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