Monday, March 7, 2011

Leadership and Heart Break

Lately my life is filled with writing, teaching and listening. In the listening department, I am hearing such pain from the hearts of leaders. Many times it is from a heart that is grieving for those they are serving. It is a grieving for the pain they listen to and a heart that desires to somehow assist the people they serve. The majority of leaders I listen to, desire people to become all that God is calling them to be for him.  As leaders listen to the shattered hearts of people, it is important that the leader stays close to God.

In my life as a leader when I stay close to God, it seems prayer is the best solution when I do not know how to help someone. When I pray with a person whether on the phone or in person or lift them up throughout the week, when their face comes to my mind, I know that "yes" God does hear and he will answer. It is in this place that I am assured and reminded that he (God) is the healer and I am not. I am reminded that he is the healer but he desires to use us as instruments open to his leading. In this place we are able to come along side of others, with a word that comes from God and not from our own minds.

Lord, help us to be the leaders you desire us to be for you. Remind us that you are a Holy God and we are to be instruments that are open to your leading, of how we are to assist others, to walk according to your ways. Amen.

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