Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relationships, The Problem With Gossip

This morning gossip is on my mind. Other than to try my best not to be partners with others in this it is not a word that I sit down and mediate on in an intentional way. Yet this morning I am willing to seriously look at this word. Why? In the last month or so, I connected with a few people who definitely are not the people that others portrayed them to be in their conversations of gossip.  I had no part in the conversations, but unfortunately many times when the conversations took place, there was nowhere for me to go to move my listening ears to another location.  When I am in a car with someone else and do not have one of my own I am stuck! I found in speaking up in the midst of such conversations, it does not get a person to stop when they feel justified in what they are speaking. Even staying quiet on my side does not stop the conversation.

Thoughts; As I write this many people in my city are coming to my mind today. Leaders, churches, organizations, ordinary people just like me. It saddens me to know that I've spent to much time not getting to know people that others trash with their lips. The sadness as I write this is not a surface thing, instead it is a seriousness that is requiring me to no longer connect with those who spend time in gossip. I ask it to stop and if it doesn't I stay away from them. It is very easy for us to become what we hang around. This type of conversation can tempt any of us and none of us as Christians are above doing the same.

Many times my readers may read my words over and over again, how I continue to stand on the outside looking in and that this is a good thing. So for now instead of getting in a car with a gossip, I will walk or wait on God to get me to where I need to go. His way is always best.

As Always, Serving with you,
Nancy J.

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