Saturday, August 6, 2011

What The Enemy Takes, God WILL Restore

There are times in the midst of my teaching, mentoring, traveling and writing, that things come to the surface at the most unusual times. Tonight, or should I say this morning is one of those times. It has been a very long and busy week. This is not a complaint, but instead an honest statement. Very seldom do I receive pay for what I am doing. I am totally living by faith, trusting God to provide all. Some say that we find what we are to be doing when we are doing it without pay. My thought on this is; I'll bet that if I could check out those who are saying this, that they are not doing what they do, without a paycheck or income coming in from somewhere. In fact if they are married, the usual pattern is that one of the two has a paying job so the other can do what they do without a paycheck.  It is similar to those who write books about when they moved into an area of poverty for a few months and only lived on what they could scrape up, yet back at home they have a bank account that they can run to, a house to go back to and a car waiting for them in the driveway. There are those who go without food for a few days to see what it feels like and to identify, yet have a full pantry of food waiting for them in their home.

My readers who have been with me for the last few years know, life has been tough. When I write about this it is not to complain or to whine, but to allow others who have much to see and hear what it is like for those who have little. I've lived on both side of the fence of life and believe me the one with the paycheck, the house and the car is easier. The life on the side going without is beyond difficult.

My readers may ask, "Why in the world is Nancy J. sharing this?" In all honesty,  I miss my new car. I miss my nice home. I miss my paycheck and am tired of listening to women who live a life of complaining and whining. This means it is time to move on.

What the enemy has taken away from my life, God WILL restore. I will have a nice home again. I will have a new car again and I will have a paycheck so I can assist those who are in need and give them a hand up. The only difference will be, my hand will not be asking for something in return. I won't be one of those women that use others to meet their emotional needs in their lives, clean their homes, because they refuse to do it, or watch their children, because life is just to hard for them. It is time for the American women to get up and do what God is giving them to do for him. It first must start in their home and I am no longer their replacement. It is now time for me to stop helping those who desire to continue to live in their complaining whining lives.

The time has come, the game that others play is over. Beginning Monday, my schedule will become more focused than in the last few weeks. (Which has been very focused.) We are moving into online avenues and other public venues.

All things are possible with God and when he speaks the words that will guide us into the possible, we must leave old things behind and move forward. Unfortunately, the leaving old things behind many times includes people who use us for their gain.

Stepping into our new beginning!
Nancy J.

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