Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Satan, You Aren't Going To Win

 Not long ago I was browsing my notes page on facebook and came across a note written by Tim Stevens. As I read this article I noticed immediately his willingness as a leader to be transparent from the inside out.  I understand this battle Tim speaks of in his writing. I know the feeling of the sudden loss of loved one's, receiving a message from leaders who veered off into sinful territory, serious illness of my friends and other things that Tim does not mention here. I agree with Tim Stevens and his letter to Satan. I too, place Satan on notice. Just as Granger Community Church continues to move forward, I too continue to move forward. Will you join us?

Click into this link to read the letter; Dear Satan, by Tim Stevens. Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church.

 I extend a thank you to Tim Stevens for his willingness to write this letter to Satan. Shame leads us to hide in the dark, when we expose the deeds of the enemy to the light, the enemy must flee!

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