Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just A Small Town Girl, Traveling to Japan

From the time I boarded the train at the airport to my last train ride to the airport, I loved my visit to this country. Due to the suddenness of my invitation from my son, I had no time to read anything about the country. As I write this I am glad that I did not have time to read. This meant I had no expectations other than visiting with my son. All I can say is, "What a country! What a people and land!" The majority of my visit was spent with my son hanging out and traveling the cities. We estimated our walking in between times on the train and taxi's and found one day we walked 8 miles. In between getting to where we were headed, I walked a fast pace. In the middle of this pace, I recalled my Dr.'s warning a few years ago who I listened to! She said, "Nancy you are not having a heart attack, you are just out of shape!" So, my lack of car in the Mid West for the last few years, prepared me for my last 3 trips. Including this one! God does go before us! For once I was able to vacation and remove the leader hat and just be me, a mom, a friend and a woman. What a time of healing for the heart.

 A reminder for those reading my blog. If God has ordained something in our life and we follow his directions and his path for our life, it will happen. This writer has no finances and has moved from place to place for the last few years. In fact I need to move again, but I have no idea where I am going. Yet, in the midst of it all, I've traveled to 3 countries, when my material life continued to fall apart around me. It was through the tears, the discouragement that God continued to lift me up. He would send people my way just in time. Some would pray for me, some shared an encouraging word. Others  shared their personal struggles.

It is in this place where I learned to trust God. Don't get me wrong here, this has not been easy. It has been and continues to be a tough road to travel. BUT in this struggle I've met people from around the world, made new friends and this small town country girl,  has experienced more than she could ever imagine, with more to come!

As I stepped on the train to return to my country and sat down in First Class I looked out the window at the land of Japan, I marveled that it was me that God chose to travel his globe. Just a small town girl. So my friends, let go of your excuses, God desires to do in your life, more than you can ever imagine. But first you must be willing to take the steps that he shows you. The journey is usually carried out in small tiny steps that get us to his destination.

Finally, a thank you to my son! You are the best! So proud of you and your willingness to travel the globe! Just a small town guy, with a small town Mom!

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