Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Danger And Misuse Of Do NOT Touch The Lord's Anointed

Pay attention friends to what is going on around you. Don't let it pass you by. Leave behind those who are not with you and in covenant with what God is calling you to do for him. Move into the relationships that are with you. Move into the relationships with those who lead with truth, intertwined with love and compassion. Persecution and attacks from others are not a negative, but a positive. Rejection is not a negative, but a positive. This is showing you that you are on the right path, not the wrong path. Slam the door to your past and when others try to open it, refuse to verbally interact with them and guard your heart and take every thought captive. At the same time walk in grace and forgiveness in everyday life.

The roar coming from the mouth of the opposition may continue. Instead of placing your eyes on those who oppose you and reject you, place your eyes on God. In this you will move forward. Allow God to shift and move you into all he has for you as you listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ask God for wisdom and discernment in all situations.

If we are one that God places in the 5 fold ministry areas, we are placed there to assist and equip others and to raise them up. We are not given one of the 5 fold gifts to hinder the gifts of others. God will begin to remove the leaders who rule with a heavy high authoritative hand in the United States in areas of christian ministry. He will replace those he removes from the 5 fold ministry with those who have a heart for people; to lift them up, encourage, speak truth in love and call them forth in their giftedness,even if this means the giftedness of others is more visible than theirs. As we see, this is already beginning to take place.

We are all called to respect and honor one another. The key word here is ALL!  Be very careful of those who are over you who are leaders who are verbally abusive and use the words, do not touch the Lords anointed. Many times this is used out of context. These words are from David in the Old Testament referring to Saul, when David said this and spoke to Saul he did not stay near Saul.  In fact after the conversation took place between Saul and David we read in 1 Samuel 24:22b, David and his men went up to the stronghold. David did not stay and submit to Saul and allow him to kill him.  A leader who uses this scripture out of context can be a sign that manipulation exists in the ministry. This is not always true, but something that we must learn to discern. We are to honor and submit to the authority that God places over us in the church. But if we find that we cannot submit to the authority in a specific church or denomination we are associated with and it is hindering God's call on our life, then it is best to move on and not place ourselves under such leaders. In this, God will raise us up and continue to use us according to his purpose and plan.

A leader after God's heart will care about God and care about people with a sincere heart. It will be evident in their voice as they speak directly to people in conjunction with their daily walk in life, and in today's world within their online writing and communication. What I state does not mean that a leader will be perfect, but at the root of who they are is a love for God and love for people.

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