Monday, August 27, 2012

Where Is My Airline Ticket!

Did you ever experience a dream and no matter how hard you tried you could not wake up and stop the dream? This morning was one of those times for me. In my dream I was in another country, with no idea of what country I was visiting. I am digging through my luggage, through all my bags and ruffling through everything in the room I am in. In fact the luggage I am digging through is the luggage that I own in the real world. It has lots of zippers and pockets.

What am I looking for? I am looking for my return airline ticket. I cannot find my ticket anywhere. I am telling everyone around me that I can’t find my airline ticket and I need it now! No one listens, they ignore me. I am growing more impatient, aggravated and frustrated. I continue to look in the same places. I realize if I do not find the ticket soon I will miss my plane! I cannot miss my plane. My heart is beating fast and what happens next? I wake up! 

As I look around my room, my phone is on the floor, my nightstand is a mess, and my pillows are all over the place. It looks like a war took place! Now I don’t usually have such dreams, especially those of disorganization. As I stayed still a list of three things came to my mind to focus on today. The three tasks arrived with clarity of thought. I wrote them down quickly and added this blog post to the list.

Then I decided to ponder this dream for a time and it wasn’t long before the why of the dream arrived.  In my impatience, aggravation and frustration in my dream I did not step back and think, I just kept digging and digging trying to find the missing return airline ticket. Funny thing is, now that I am awake, the answer arrives. A very simple answer, turn on my computer, click into my email and my ticket will be found immediately. The question I ponder is; “How many times do we plunge ahead in impatience and aggravation, when the clear answer is right in front of our face?” As we beg God to show us our answers, clarity of thought is not hiding. Many times it is right in front of us, just as it was in our dream.

Lord, when we begin to become impatient and frustrated; remind us to take a step back and ask you for wisdom and discernment of what we are to do next, what steps we are to take and how to order our day. In this we will find freedom in our day. In the precious name of Jesus Christ, we bring our day to you.

P.S. A note for those who were praying for me to have clarity, God answered through a dream. Thank you for praying. God’s ways of communicating continue to amaze me!

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