Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Declaring War On Christmas!

Today I declared war! A war on what? A war between Christmas and I. The word war usually conjures up distress, death and destruction. This war of mine is the complete opposite. A few hours ago, in the middle of a busy day I made a decision I am going to enjoy the Christmas season and it begins tonight! This does not mean that I will not listen to people who are hurting or going through tough times. Instead it means that I set up a few challenges for myself. I am determined to celebrate the season and the birth of Jesus beginning tonight to January 1, 2013! Yes, determined, very determined.

Tonight I begin by writing this post. Earlier I sorted through Christmas movies and placed them in my instant folder. I stopped watching them a few years ago in the middle of really tough losses in life. In fact right now, playing in the background is a Christmas themed movie. Since I have no Christmas decorations left, I might even replace a few and decorate the space I call home. My plans are to say yes, whenever I can to spend time with friends and with new friends God brings my way.

In fact I ask for your patience my friends, because I just may go a little overboard. In the middle of the season I am going on a search. A search of what Christmas is for me this year, for such a time as this. How about you? Are you in need of a makeover this Christmas? If we wait for the perfect year to enjoy the season, it will never arrive. This is the season to give it a try! Will you join me in living in the season we call today?


Margaret Feinberg said...

you can do it! We believe in you! Which movie has been your favorite, so far?

Nancy J. Communications said...

This year I seem to be gravitating to Hallmark Movies. This is the season to watching and listening to stories about life. Nancy J.

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