Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Handcuffs Are Off

In March I returned to a city that I left. When I left I had no intention of making this city my home again. Yet, due to circumstances, it was necessary to return. In my returning I began to examine the why living here bothers me so much. The answer slowly unfolded when I arrived back in this city. As I continued to pray throughout the last few months, I asked God why does this place bother me so much? Why does it have such a grip on me in an unhealthy way? Why do I not feel I cannot be who God created me to be? Before long I realized this problem stemmed from one person alone. In my mind my fear of one man, caused me to feel this way toward an entire city. It was a fear that if I do not have his approval, my ministry will die.

Recently, God convicted me of this and I repented. Repentance for not trusting him and placing man in the place of God. Repentance for knowing that fear is not from God and comes from the enemy. Repentance for allowing the rejection of one man, to cause me to live in fear and at the same time giving him over to God. I have a joy in knowing that there are many leaders in my present city that are for me and not against me. Knowing, that I can call on them and others anytime and that they are there for me. Knowing that when God moves, no man can stop what he has planned for each one of us.

As this year draws to a close, the handcuffs I placed on myself are off. I step forward on this church planting journey knowing that God makes the way. I step forward leaving the person I feared behind, never again to allow one person to hold me hostage in fear. In fact in a short time I will be stepping out from under this type community. God does not call us to spend time in a place where we are not part of community or only welcome in word.

How about you? Is there someone or something in your life causing you to fear? Is there someone or something in your life that God brings to your mind as you read my words? If so, go to God and ask him to help you to take off the handcuffs. Ask him to help you to move forward into all that he has for you. May 2013 become a year that your life becomes part of Kingdom Impact.

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