Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A City Of Learning, A City Of Failure And Success

Today was a day that was a little different than I planned. I was unable to concentrate on the newsletter on my computer screen. I finished the rough draft, but  I am not pleased with the copy. It seems to be missing what I call, "the heart" of what I set out to communicate. It reads more like a theological fact sheet, instead of what is going on inside of my heart and what I desire to communicate to my friends, family and partners. This was the struggle that I experienced when preparing for my international trips, when I tried to communicate my heart and why I must travel.

Only this time the letters are much different. For this is a time that once I leave I will not be returning. It is not a short term trip, but a move. This is a time of joy, a time of letting go, a time of tears, laughter and a time of remembrance. Letting go of a life in a city, of laughter, tears, rejection and acceptance. A city of hard times and of good times. A city where I spent time in the corporate world and in the land of near homelessness.  A city where I learned about spiritual warfare, failure and success. A city where once again, I began to write and continue on today. A city that God chose as a place of preparation for me, for this new season of life. A city that again and again, broke my heart, but at the same time taught me to stand, forgive and to love. Forever changed, forever grateful.

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