Saturday, January 12, 2013

Discipleship In The Silent City

For a few years I walked the streets of  a Mid West city, in the land where no one sees. My voice became quieter in the United States except through my writing and podcasts. I walked the streets of what I call the Silent City beginning in 2007. I stood among the people and listened to how they spoke of the homeless, and treated them badly and treated me the same way. What many did not know was that  I placed my suit, my business manners , my professionalism and my proper language in the closet, and became one of the least of these, that Jesus speaks of in the gospel.

On this journey what was left of my belongings went into a 5 x5 storage bin in 2012, because I became tired of moving boxes with me as I moved from one small room to another.  I had no large bank account waiting for me, when I was ready to walk away from this type of life, As I walked this journey, I found myself deeply in debt and learned alot about God, Jesus, the organizational church, their programs and governmental assistance. I learned many people mouth words that are only words and are not spoken from the heart. Many are really great at telling a person what to do to get out of such a situation, but have no idea that what they are saying will not work for the majority of people who find themselves in this situation.

 On this journey I also learned how people use those who have nothing, and I learned to say nothing back, knowing that God sees all and hears all.  I learned who is for me and who is against me. I learned that the system that we are told is there to assist us, instead holds us hostage in a life of perpetual poverty.

Such is the silent city that I will eventually leave, my steps will be as if they never existed, as the life in the Silent City continues on.  As I write this, I am forever changed and forever thankful, realizing that discipleship, does not come from sitting down in front of someone walking through a one inch thick discipleship book, as one person points out what is wrong with us and what we need to correct in our life. Instead discipleship takes place on a daily basis, as we live our life. In fact from this experience I am hoping I may just look a little more like Jesus.

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