Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Few Thoughts From Nancy, Recoginizing The Deception Of Hyper Grace

Today I read an article on Hyper-Grace. Yes, I believe this is in existence today in the church. The writer and author of this article explains this very clearly from scripture. I am known for saying, either we believe all that is in the bible or we do not. It is not difficult to acknowledge the passages and apply them to our life in areas that we are not convicted, but it is more difficult to acknowledge and agree to live by the passages that are spoken of in this article. To live this way requires, first of all receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, prayer, reading the word, following the counselor the Holy Spirit, and being in community with those who are not afraid to speak truth, when we are off base.  Of course we all can be drawn in by Hyper-Grace, myself included, because standing on it's own without additional scripture it tickles all of our ears and assists us in justifying how we are living when we are not living according to God's word.

 Be courageous today and read the article below. Line it up with God's word, then line it up with your life. We may just find that freedom does not come from hyper-grace, but instead the freedom comes from submitting to God's word in it's entirety. Click the link below to read the article from Charisma News written by David Ravenhill.

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