Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are We Enabling Or Creating A Codependent Relationship?

 Reminder; Assisting someone or helping someone does not mean doing it all for them. There are people who will sit and watch, as we do what is meant for them to do. As we partner with someone/teach someone how to do something, eventually we must leave it for them to do, or we may be enabling a person to not use what they learned. We also may be creating an unhealthy relationship of co-dependency.  Check the person's life that you are assisting- Are you the one that is tired and they have lots of energy? It may be, we are doing what is theirs to do? It may be that they do not need the practical assistance, but that they need to organize their time better. If this is the case there are times we must step away from the situation in its entirety, because at the heart of the matter they do not desire to learn or to change.

P.S. No I am not tired any longer, because this is something I worked on a few years ago and continue to be aware in this area. It takes wisdom, God's wisdom and a person who is willing to look at another and say no. 

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