Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It IS Time to Get UP

There are people who continually try to get me to sit down with them in a sedentary life style. I just cannot do it! At the age of 57 I see this as the second half of my life. I plan on enjoying it! Lately there are a few speaking garbage into my life in the same way as they did when I prepared to go to 2 different countries. The words do not resonate with my spirit and I am brave enough to say, that the words are not from God. Sitting down and doing nothing is from the enemy, as he slowly and quietly lulls us to sleep. My task is to tell those who are sitting down and blinded by the enemy to get up! Take a step,  get going, get moving, somewhere, somehow, something. It is time to get up! Pray, seek God, ask him! Many times he reveals the next step as we are moving along in life. 

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