Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Are The Creatives Of The World

Saturday evening thought- Struggle and disappoint is part of the life of people who create new things. We are the creatives of the world. We are loved and at times we are opposed, but the creatives of this world, just keep on creating. We may stumble and we may fall, but we keep getting back up and we create more.

A word from Nancy -Today I am surrounded by books, keyboards, tablet, paper, pen, teaching material, syllabus, templates, mp3's , headphones, videos, expository preaching outlines and the ever present coffee cup by my side, along with a water glass. I laugh as I write this, because no matter how hard people fight against me, others arrive and spur me on. The messages arrive from near and far, from across the street and from thousands of miles away. In times past when my life was really a mess, a knock would arrive at my door, a phone call would arrive, an email, or an opportunity to travel to another country. In all of this, the birthday's keep coming and I keep moving forward and God keeps lifting me up.

All mentioned is special people to me! I list no names, because I am afraid I will forget someone. I am thankful, and grateful, for all God brought me through and how he continues to do the same today. In time, I will move on to the next city, trusting God that this is another step on this journey of mine and God will add more friends to my circle.

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