Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rise Up! Rise Up! Rise Up! The Time IS Now- A word from Pastor Scott Reece

A NOW word from Pastor Scott Reece
Pastor at New Hope Church - Moline, Illinois

I am posting this prophetic word in obedience! This is part of a word that God gave to me last night, and all day today I have continued to feel that I was to share this part of it with you...I am confident that there are several of you to whom this applies directly. I believe the wind of God is on this for you...if that's you...rise up and receive it!!

Keep your heart before Me, walk uprightly and diligently before Me and I will ordain your paths and orchestrate your days. I will release upon you the greatest anointing you have ever known. This is not a season to hold back, but this is a season of kingdom acceleration. This is a season of supernatural
advancement and a time to reap where you have not sown and to gather where you have not planted.

I am establishing you in places where you are not known in the natural, but where, in the realm of the Spirit you have been anticipated. I am orchestrating divine appointments that will open doors of influence that reach beyond the natural magnitude of who you are.

I am showing you wonders in the heavenlies and miracles in the natural, and I am birthing through you, that which was conceived by those who came before you. I am setting you up for supernatural causes and opportunities that will have impact even beyond your life and your generation.

I am giving your voice both authority and influence and your words significance as they become the very orders upon which heavenly beings are activated. I am opening your eyes to see with a vision that can only come from that which is crafted in the heavenlies.

 I am assigning to you a kingdom call and appointment that will literally shift and shape the landscape of My kingdom. You will decree and declare even beyond your understanding and you will speak with a heavenly authority that will impact the regions around you. You were born for such a time as this and where you are and who you are becoming is of kingdom significance.

Your anointing is the result of my choosing you to rule and to reign with Me. I looked beyond those who were qualified in the natural and I chose you because of your heart for Me. Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up…your time is now, your season is here and these are the days and the time for which I have created you! Says the Lord!

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