Monday, May 30, 2016

A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out, with Nancy J.

A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out by Nancy Watta is now available on Amazon. 

Available in paperback or kindle.

A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out is writing compiled from Nancy's journals, blogs, websites and other online platforms. Nancy shares her struggles in relationships, near homelessness, and her private relationship with God. She shares her hurting heart with transparency. Scripture is included throughout the book to mediate on and to apply to the readers life. This book will encourage the reader to draw closer to God as they reflect on their lives.

About the Author
Nancy leads conferences globally partnering with translators and interpreters.Each conference is adapted to the specific culture where she is speaking.Nancy is the founder and leader of, "The Relationship Project and is the founder and leader of the Relationships of the Heart" Conference. She is a woman who lives her life on mission. Her focus is on Relationships; with Jesus, and with others.

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