Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Kind of Leader Will We Be?

It is common for people to talk to me about being called by God to preach, teach, or lead.

They share their struggles of how they feel they are going nowhere and nothing is happening. They feel people are opposing them.

As I listen and ask questions I find out, they do not study their bible, unless they are in a group or a class. They only pray if they are in a group or in a class.

They are not faithful and preparing for the future by studying to prepare to preach, teach or lead. Many are not faithful in taking care of their homes, or their families.

They desire a title and notoriety, but they are not interested in submitting and surrendering their life to God. Nor are they willing to be faithful in everyday life.

They are waiting for a "genie" God to drop them into a lead position without actively carrying out what God gives them to do on a daily basis.

This week join us for a podcast on- Faithfulness and becoming the leader God calls us to be.

We will be on a live call discussing this topic on Thursday, 7 p.m. eastern time. Click the Talk Live button below to join us online. 

Or call in by phone at- 724-444-7444, ID- 137919,

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