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Jesus and His Relationship with Women, Thoughts and Resources Part 1

Part 1- Jesus Interactions with Women

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(The information below is taken from en.wikipedia. See the link for more information on Jesus' Interactions with Women)

According to New Testament scholar Dr. Frank Stagg and classicist Evelyn Stagg, the synoptic Gospels of the canonical New Testament contain a relatively high number of references to women.

Evangelical Bible scholar Gilbert Bilezikian agrees, especially by comparison with literary works of the same epoch p.82 Neither the Staggs nor Bilezikian find any recorded instance where Jesus disgraces, belittles, reproaches, or stereotypes a woman.

These writers claim that examples of the manner of Jesus are instructive for inferring his attitudes toward women and show repeatedly how he liberated and affirmed women. Starr writes that of all founders of religions and religious sects, Jesus stands alone as the one who did not discriminate in some way against women.

By word or deed he never encouraged the disparagement of a woman. Karen King concludes, based on the account of Jesus' interaction with a Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28, that "an unnamed Gentile woman taught Jesus that the ministry of God is not limited to particular groups and persons, but belongs to all who have faith."'_interactions_with_women


Resource- Women of the Bible, A Visual Guide to their Lives, Loves, and Legacy.


Scripture Part 1

  • John 15- The vine and the branches
  • Mark 7:24-30
  • Matthew 15:21-28
  • Matthew 6:21
  • Proverbs 3:5
  • Proverbs 4:23
  • Proverbs 23:26
  • Psalm 51:10
  • James 3:1-12

A few of Nancy's notes

1- We are transformed in Relationships. Jesus welcomed into his life women with hurting hearts, filled with shame and rejection.

2- A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out.

3- See above the link Jesus' Interactions with Women.

Where to find Nancy's book- A Hurting Heart, Turned Inside Out. On

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