Thursday, January 12, 2017

When The End Arrives

Scripture Notes from podcast. This is not a word for word transcript. It may include additional information, or include less. Link for podcast at the end of this post.

When the End Arrives

Scripture- Matthew 10 

Matthew 10 Link

  • Jesus preparing the disciples for when he is no longer with them.
  • He sends out the twelve.
  • He instructs them.
  • The disciples listened to the instructions of Jesus.
  • The ending- Jesus preparing to go to the cross.
  • The ending- Jesus on the cross.
  • The New- Jesus is gone and the disciples must carry on until his return.

Endings for the disciples

  • Ending of their previous employment.
  • Ending of the familiar to move into the unfamiliar.
  • Ending of traveling with Jesus.
  • Ending of spending time with Jesus and learning from him.
  • Experiencing the ending at the cross, to prepare for the future.
  • The ending of sacrifice in a physical sense, Jesus became the sacrifice.

Our Possible Endings

  • Ending of our employment- not our choice, or our choice.
  • Ending of spending time with people; employees, our city, state, country, church, school, university, family, friends.
  • Ending of relationships
  • Ending- divorce.
  • Ending- loss of a loved ones.

Possible Feelings

  • Fear, excitement, elation, intimidation, uncertainty, joy, grief.

Read Luke 2:22-28- The wonderful ending for Simeon, and Anna is part of the ending. (Excitement)

What will assist us to continue forward in life when we experience an ending?

  • Pray, read the word, asking others to join you in prayer. 
  • Talk to someone we can trust and share our struggles about the approaching ending or if we are in an ending.
  • Realize- many times endings in life are uncomfortable whether they are good or bad. Change is difficult for many people. The familiar wraps us in a blanket of security. The unfamiliar removes the blanket.
  • There will be times waiting for the ending is long. Do not give up!

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