Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When Men Oppose, Women Continue On

Although it is 2017, in the church in some settings women are still opposed. The fight is hard, the confusion is continuous.

When a women is gifted in the area of preaching and teaching, the road is tough.

The opposition comes through rejection, speech, and silence and it is real, but denied.

This evening I am experiencing a healthy anger.

In God's word he tells us be angry and do not sin.


he also tells us to speak truth.

The truth is I am tired of the fight of those who disagree with me.

I am tired of the physical body remarks from men in the church and so are other women.

I am tired of those who turn their head and allow it to go on and call it God's grace.

I am tired of the men who tell me to be quiet when I am not saying one word and so are other women.

I am tired of hearing from men in my city of yes this is who we are and we do not plan on changing.

I am tired.....in fact I was ready to quit all I am doing.

BUT tonight after a few hours of contemplation something arose within.

It is impossible to fit in to places where women are welcome for a season and then the tide changes and we are not.

AND now

I will continue to speak.

I will continue to write.

I will continue to travel.

The online course will be launched.


most importantly I will be ignoring those who speak about women's bodies and proclaiming their upstanding lives as they put down others.

I will be ignoring the men who tell me to be quiet and interrupt my conversations.

I will move on and continue to be an example to others, by not bowing to the intimidation.

There will always be those who think they are better than others and they speak down to others.

In this we can be assured, God will take care of it all. He sees what others do not see and those who pretend to be something they are not.

In God's eyes we stand at the foot of the cross on equal ground.


the days are passing quickly too quickly to focus on the crowd who refuses to change.


in peace and contentment, moving forward.

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