Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Small Group Training, The Way of Jesus

Teach the Teacher, The Way of Jesus is designed to...

 1- Examine the teaching style of Jesus and assist the learner to lead small groups in the style of Jesus and at the same time fit within your specific culture.

 2- Design a foundation and prepare the learner to lead a small group prior to bringing a group together.

 3- Understand the importance of remaining teachable and study time as a leader.

 4- Assist to begin to understand the different types of small groups, through video, text, and assignments. The course brings together the practical, spiritual and life application, as we learn to lead small groups, in the way of Jesus.

 It would be great if you decide to join us. I believe this course will be beneficial in assisting you to design a small group to become a small group leader or to refresh your knowledge base as a current small group leader. If you have questions please be sure to contact Nancy at her email address listed in the about section of this page.

Press the Teach The Teacher link below or the press the for more info for our online course for small group leaders.


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