Monday, July 31, 2017

When Our Life Resembles Shattered Glass

There is times in life when we grow weary of "trying" to be a "good" christian. The words spoken to us by others, turns into a long list in our mind and becomes impossible to incorporate into our life.

Instead of experiencing joy and love, our christian life begins to resemble shattered glass and we do not realize the change.

In May I began to study the words mercy and grace, and this is where God began to turn my life, and heart upside down, for me to look at life God's way. His way is right side up filled with mercy and grace.

3 months later mercy and grace continue to sift through my life, mind and heart.

This began to take place with a simple prayer; Lord take me back to what I lost. Not only did I lose almost all of my material possessions in this city, but I lost part of me. The good part. Please return it to me.

With this simple prayer the change in my life began to take place. This is where I moved out from a group of people who live life with a long list of "do nots." 

I can now see the loss of not allowing mercy and grace to flow through my life was a slow slide that began when I moved from my home town to another state.

The demands are high here, for what a leader is to be. Add into the mix I am a woman and the demands are higher.

In this land the interpretation of God's word leans heavily away from mercy and grace, and pushes hard into obedience, and rarely do we see public restoration to ministry in this land. 

Yes, God calls us to obedience, but obedience must be wrapped with a cloak of mercy and grace. Without it we may easily become a robot in the ministries we lead, and in our personal relationships.

to be continued......

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