Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Monday, September 11, 2017

When it is NOT Pornography, with Nancy

When I think I have experienced it all, a problem crops up to surprise me.

In my previous post on this blog I shared a link to a Christian Leadership Magazine. There is an article in the magazine with a block of bold text that reads, "Sexual Tension."

Now if the magazine is open it is easy for a person to assume this is a pornographic magazine.

Well, this magazine was open to this page in my home. Guess, what someone thought I was reading pornography.

Such is the world of gossip, assumptions and innuendos. If I do right someone will always find something to point a finger at me ,and call right wrong, and if I am doing something wrong/disobedient I will receive the same word.

How do I handle this? I will continue on writing on the topics I wrote about in the last post. I will continue to share resources.

Most importantly, I will ignore the gossip, assumptions and innuendos. There is more to life than spending time, refuting finger pointers.

I am hoping my next post will be the forward I wrote for a Pastor's book a few years ago.

For now....I will stop here....

More later....

Link below to the Leadership Magazine.


Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Single Woman Writing About- Sex, Divorce, Marriage and Pornography, with Nancy

On August 18, 2017 I wrote the post below. Today, I include more on the topic. Please scroll down past the video Take Me Higher for the new post.

Grace, Sexual Immorality, Divorce, Remarriage, and Pornography, with Nancy

A challenging summer of study. I am studying heavy topics this summer.

  • Grace, Mercy and God's Wrath
  • Sexual Immorality-Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy
  • Divorce and Remarriage- Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy
  • Pornography- Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy

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Sexual Tensions, Post September 2, 2017

A few weeks ago I wrote the short post above; Sexual Immorality, Divorce, Remarriage, and Pornography with Nancy.

Since my post I have had conversations with the male and female gender on sexual immorality, divorce, remarriage, and pornography. Yes, me a single women who leads a conference on christian relationships is writing and using the words sex and pornography. 

A few years ago I wrote a forward for the author of a book focused on the damage of pornography. Yes, gasp again! I am a christian, divorced, single and a woman.

This week I am including a resource from 2013. Please note; just because I list this as a resource it does not mean I agree with everything written in the magazine.

Recently I was organizing all of my books and magazines into categories and stumbled on the Leadership Journal Magazine with the cover title, Sexual Tensions. (See photo and link at the bottom of this post.)

The cover of the magazine is an attention grabber, which is a good thing, because the church in general (as an organization) either operates in attack mode toward people living outside the agreed upon parameters whether in marriage or single, or ignores the issue completely.

Or we only use a list in sermons, writing and teaching. Do not ____. Do not ____. Do not ____ Do not ____, and more. Fill in the blanks.

We were all created with sexual desires whether we are willing to use the word SEX or not.

I will be back soon with more on this topic...

Feel free to comment on this post. I reserve the right to publish or remove comments, but I would love to hear from you.

Leadership Journal Sexual Tensions, Sub title- How to lead with clarity in a shades of grey world. 

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