Monday, September 11, 2017

When it is NOT Pornography, with Nancy

When I think I have experienced it all, a problem crops up to surprise me.

In my previous post on this blog I shared a link to a Christian Leadership Magazine. There is an article in the magazine with a block of bold text that reads, "Sexual Tension."

Now if the magazine is open it is easy for a person to assume this is a pornographic magazine.

Well, this magazine was open to this page in my home. Guess, what someone thought I was reading pornography.

Such is the world of gossip, assumptions and innuendos. If I do right someone will always find something to point a finger at me ,and call right wrong, and if I am doing something wrong/disobedient I will receive the same word.

How do I handle this? I will continue on writing on the topics I wrote about in the last post. I will continue to share resources.

Most importantly, I will ignore the gossip, assumptions and innuendos. There is more to life than spending time, refuting finger pointers.

I am hoping my next post will be the forward I wrote for a Pastor's book a few years ago.

For now....I will stop here....

More later....

Link below to the Leadership Magazine.

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